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Call for Reservations: 800-972-3165
Heart to Heart: Healing thru Music
7:30 PM - 11:59 PM Hewlett Auditorium, Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 200
Date: July 20, 2019 to July 20, 2019
Where: Hewlett Auditorium, Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 200, Altruism, Stanford University , 370 Serra Mall, Stanford, California, United States
Phone: N/A
Event Type: Concerts & Music
Ticket Price: N/A
Heart to Heart journeys from the opening of our hearts to heart transformation, from centering on individual self to universal Self, from greed/selfishness to loving selflessness, from being a burdensome body/mind/ personality to being the free spirit we were meant to be, from achieving power and pride to total perfection and peace! It is both a personal and a collective journey, since what happens inside our hearts necessarily affects everyone and everything around us.  Using the medium of music, the magic of fusion, the oneness of melody & rhythm, U. Rajesh on the Mandolin, George Brooks on the Saxophone, and Dimitris Lambrianos on wind-reed instruments will open your hearts, removing bothersome subconscious static to heal your spirit - bringing peace, positivity, wellness in its wake.  Agenda Registration:             6:30 - 7:20 PM Audience seating:     until 7:20 PM Curtain rises:             7:25 PM Music Show:             7:30 - 9:30 PM  Curtain Falls:             9:30 PM All three musicians are world-famous connoisseurs of Classical Carnatic and Jazz music - read more about their backgrounds below: U. Rajesh, Mandolin U. Rajesh was born in May 1977 at Palakol, Andhra Pradesh, as the youngest child of U. Satyanarayana and younger brother of the late U. Srinivas, a notable mandolin player in Carnatic classical music. He started playing Carnatic classical music on a mandolin at the age of 6 with tutoring from his father and brother. He is a Director of the Srinivas Institute of World Music in Chennai, India, which is providing free musical tuition to its students. His work with John McLaughlin for the album Floating Point, received a Grammy nomination in 2009. He was the youngest participant in the Magic Mandolin Festival, (Germany), he has performed at the Lincoln Center, New York and given live concerts at leading venues in London, Melbourne, and Paris, also performing all over the Middle-East, North America and Europe. He has performed live with the Johannes